Perfect Packet of Three: Kids


The subject of this threesome is the fruit of our loins. The first song deals with our desire to make babies, the second tackles our vulnerability (and the child’s) when their life is threatened and the third our concerns when raising them.

Babies – Pulp

The classic teen angst story of a boy who fancies a girl who has an older sister who they can overhear up to no good with boys in the room next door. The boy wants to “see as well as hear”, so he hides inside the older sister’s wardrobe and spies on her. Scared she might tell her mum, he avoids the younger girl, who promptly has it away with another boy. He goes back to spy on the older sister again, falls asleep in the wardrobe and is discovered by the older sister who then sleeps with him. They are caught by the younger sister which prompts the classic line “I know you won’t believe it’s true, I only went with her ’cause she looks like you”. I’m sure this has happened to most of us. Hasn’t it?

Wires – Athlete

“You got wires, goin’ in, you got wires, comin’ out of your skin
You got tears making tracks, I got tears that are scared of the facts”

The heart-wrenching tale of a parent’s fear and helplessness as his new born baby is rushed to intensive care. The song starts bleakly as he runs “down corridors, through automatic doors” to get to his child, gradually building to an emotional release where he sees in the baby’s eyes that they will pull though. “Looking at you now, you would never know”.

Still Fighting It – Ben Folds

Ben Folds is the master of bittersweet. On the face of it, this is just another song from a father to a son, telling him he loves him and preparing him for the difficulties in life he may face. But it’s also a reflection of his own failings and the realisation that as well as passing on some great stuff we also pass on our flaws.

This is summed up at the end of the song with possibly the best ever line written by a father to his son, “And you’re so much like me. I’m sorry”.

Leon Wilson


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