Perfect Packet of Three: A Game of Cards



A lot of the best things come in threes: blind mice, wise monkeys, billy goats gruff, The Corrs (come on, the brother doesn’t count…) so here is the first in a series of blogs about some great songs with a common theme in a set of three. The first topic is playing cards so there could only be one song to start the ball (or dice) rolling…

Motorhead – The Ace of Spades

Well, what can you say. Lemmy’s opening salvo sets this song up from the very start.

Ear shattering power chords hammered out of his Rickenbacker bass into a massive Marshall stack with the bass and treble on zero and the mid cranked up to eleven. Microphone positioned at an inhuman angle so that his Jack Daniels soaked growl hits the gods full in the face and beats them into submission. Lemmy is rock incarnate and this song is possibly rock’s finest three or so minutes.

Patience – Nerina Pallot

image (I couldn’t find the song on YouTube to embed so please follow the link and endure the initial advert, thanks)

If the last song was rock perfection then this song is, in my opinion, pop perfection.

Released in 2001 by the hugely underrated Pallot from her debut album, ‘Patience’ is a glorious, swirling piece of work which should make any music lover go weak at the knees. The opening guitar figure gives a taste of what is to follow before the drums herald the luscious chorus. ‘Been good, been bad, got worse, got better’ Nerina tells us at the top of the verse, eventually letting slip she is ‘an angel with the knowledge of a sinner’ just before a nerve jangling ascending bridge leads us into the chorus again. Sublime.

Desperado – The Eagles

From the Western-themed album of the same name this Henley/Frey song showcases Don Henley’s talent for delivering a really heartfelt vocal. He appears to be giving advice to a friend, or even son, about life and relationships; not living a shallow, materialistic, pleasure-seeking life but making some sort of emotional commitment.
“Don’t you draw the queen of diamonds boy, she’ll beat you if she’s able, you know the queen of hearts is always your best bet”

Yes, it’s a 70’s country rock supergroup with strings and vocal harmonies, but you can tell he means every word, and that’s all that matters.

Leon Wilson



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